The Mulia, Bali, Indonesia

It is an award-winning premium and the most luxurious hotel one can find in Indonesia. It is one of the most elegant hotels near the beach that gives an exotic experience to the customers. You can’t deny that living there feels more like heaven. They provide highly luxurious experience with the sight of beach that gives extra to you and your family.

Their dining experiences are famous in the whole world, as they include different bars and 9 restaurants that excel in their taste which is served by the highly professional staff that treats you in such a way you cannot forget. They luxuriate in providing attractiveness to the tourists and their customers. They provide you with highly luxurious rooms & villas for large families and friends with their own butler that attends them on their call and provide them with everything they require. They also provide with 3 large pools inside the resort where they serve complimentary tea in the evening to their customers. They also provide the high-class gym, yoga place, and spa that is a great attraction for women here. They provide with own private pools too.

They also provide with a variety of activities along the beach side, especially for kids they provide games and fun areas so the couples can spend some extra time together. They provide high security to their customers. The kid area is highly secured with guards and women to take care of them. You just need to land on Bali & the hotel staff will pick you to your destination showing every beautiful destination that you can enjoy near the resort. You can officially rent a car that will take you around at Bali with a professional driver.

They provide champagne at the time of your arrival and wait…that’s just a start where you get overwhelmed by their complementary welcoming. The staff is highly professional and knows many languages to entertain their international customers and make them feel like home. You will feel like heaven when staying at this spectacular beachfront resort and you will love to come here again!!!

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