How To Cure Anemia Fast?

Reasons of blood deficiency in the body

Due to not eating good food, iron deficiency occurs in the body due to which our liver becomes weak and anemia occurs. helps the blood cells to carry oxygen when blood is produced in the body, then your blood is not able to provide the correct amount of oxygen to the whole body, such men who have thirteen grams of hemoglobin in their blood and such women who have twelve grams of hemoglobin per decile blood in their body are also suffering from anemia. is also produced, along with this, one has to suffer from high and low blood pressure

We can rid out the deficiency of blood by using these things

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are rich in iron, which removes iron deficiency in your blood, besides it also produces new red blood cells. You can easily treat anemia with fenugreek seeds. For this, you should eat two spoons of fenugreek seeds after roasting them daily for about three weeks continuously. It increases healthy blood cells and is also useful in keeping your liver healthy


Dates are rich in vitamin C and iron, which play an important role in the absorption of iron in your body. It can be released, for this you should soak six to seven dates in a cup of milk and after eating these dates on an empty stomach in the morning, drink the milk as well. You should do this continuously for a month. You can easily remove anemia and increase the production of new red blood cells


Beetroot is useful for people who suffer from anemia. Beetroot is rich in fiber, calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin C. It cleans your blood and increases oxygen flow. Also, you should drink a glass of beetroot juice daily. Also, if you eat beetroot in the form of a salad, it will provide you with more benefits, as well as treating anemia.


Due to the very good amount of iron in bananas, it maintains the hemoglobin level in the body. There is a very good amount of enzymes that produce blood cells in bananas, which is also found in it, which is hemoglobin. It helps to balance the level, so you should include three to four bananas in your diet every day, it helps you to get rid of diseases like anemia.


Apples are considered as a very good food to cure your anemia. They are rich in iron and essential nutrients that help to increase the production of blood. An apple is mandatory in the diet. People who are suffering from anemia can eat an apple every day to cure their anemia if you use a combination of beetroot juice and apple juice. If you do, you will see better results


Drinking butter milk is not only helpful in treating anemia, but it is also very beneficial for your digestive system and is also effective in flushing out the toxins that have accumulated in the blood. You should add a pinch of black pepper powder in a glass of butter and use it daily. This will give you good results in anemia.


Kalonji not only cures your anemia but also helps in protecting against many dangerous diseases. It naturally contains nutrients that maintain the hemoglobin level in your body. For this, you can increase healthy blood by using a pinch of Kalonji daily to remove iron deficiency in your body.

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