Make friends with your mind

There was a king who had four horses.
All four horses were not a train.
All the four were wild horses, if anyone went near them, they would kill him by the leg, they would not let him touch him.
The king said that whoever would train them would get a great reward, but as soon as anyone approached them, the horses would drag him down. Many people tried but failed.
One day a young man came and said I will train him. The king said that many people have tried before you and have broken their bones. But the boy said don’t worry, I will train them.
I have only one condition that they will remain with me until they are trained.
The king accepted his condition.

Weeks passed, months passed, even years passed, but the boy did not return, and neither did the horses.
The king said that now we should forget about the horses, they must have run away leaving the boy.
After some time, the king saw that the horses were coming in line. Seeing this, the king was very happy and surprised at the same time. He asked the boy how you trained him.
The boy said that these horses were very wild indeed
He said I left them free to do what they wanted.

Then I used to do with them what they used to do. When they were eating, I would also eat when they were sleeping. By doing this, they became friends with me. I am the fifth horse with
Then one day I tied a seat on him but he didn’t like it and dropped the seat. I tried every day and then slowly they got used to it.
Then in the same way one day I tied the belt, at first they didn’t like it, but then gradually they got used to the belt.
Other people were making the mistake of controlling him from the first day without befriending him.
In the same way, there are horses in us too.

Our body
Our mind
And our ego.
We have to make friends with them first to control them, if we ride them without making friends, we will just eat them.
If we want to establish positive thinking, we must first make friends with our mind in order to establish it so that we can control it accordingly.
So befriend your mind, make it your friend so that you can stay positive without any mental confusion.
Make friends and adapt accordingly.

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